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Congratulations to all the students who participated in and are exhibiting in the 12th annual "Off the Wall."
Winners were announced for Visual Art, Poetry & Wearable Art at the January 9th Open House. Special thanks to
sponsor Lockheed Martin for their continued support of this event.

Visual Art:
1st place: Michelle Lowe, Untitled, Graphic Design, Forest Park
2nd place: Husna Khan, Untitled, Dry Point Etching, Potomac
3rd place: Rachel Hong, Musical Reflections, Digital Photography, Battlefield

Honorable Mention:
Jason Anderson, Califi, Pastel, Osbourn Park
Tori Burns, Just Swimming Through, Graphic Design, Forest Park
Abrielle Genest, Untitled, Digital Image, Woodbridge
Allison Michas, Water is Life, Digital Art, Patriot
Sarah  Solomon, Untitled, Digital Image, Woodbridge

1st place: Taylor Petty, Untitled, Woodbridge
2nd place: Kaitlyn Graham, The Origin of Art, Woodbridge
3rd place Katherine Brown, Penance, Woodbridge

--Having the words "when poets confront art"
somewhere within a one page poem was the requirement.--

"Untitled", by  Taylor Petty:

Every morning that I went to pick her up the sun
was a red plate low in the sky, pink sequins glittering
in hovering ribbons. Her hair would twist
like licorice stems, her smile black like them too,
every word a little punch-knife in a heart-shaped
holster. When we talked,
it was always volley, bite after bite after bite,
heels digging into dirt. My poor engine
wanted to give up the ghost almost as much
as she wanted to call a war and dye the sky
in reams of cardinal. She had this paintbrush way
of turning everything I said to some grotesque
image of endless battles, incessant push-and-pull,
but for our own sakes, we never let go. I suppose
this is always how it is when poets confront art.
We fight. We rebel. But before I twist the key
when we arrive at the curb, before the sun has
transformed to liquid honey above the clouds,
we kiss and make up as though
it has never happened at all.

Wearable Art:
Leon Sunga, 1st prize winner from Osbourn High.

In its 2nd year, the wearable art contest requires the student to use at least 50% recycled “material” to create a garment to wear or have a model wear to the Open House to be juried for 1st prize. Leon Sunga, from Osbourn High School in Manassas, used recycled strips of paper, much of it from his personal school papers, to create a “Gatsby” themed white dress.


The Off the Wall exhibit will be on display until February 5th.
Gallery hours: 10-5pm weekdays; 1-5 Saturday




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