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If  unfamiliar with the art medium encaustic, come take a look at works by North Carolina artist Jamie McPhail. The root of the word encaustic is "burn," so  right away we learn heat is involved in the art making process. In this case it is using a hot plate, beeswax and resin -- lots of colorful resins. Jamie has a sense of joy in her image making, sharing whimsy and her lightheartedness in what appears to be a naturally difficult medium to manipulate.

Caleb Mathews, a Virginia artist, has a sense of joy as well. His joy is spiritual, with the natural world a reflection of his faith. He has created a series of cloud paintings beautifully rendered, yet unexpectedly presented, in geometrical compositions within their hand built frames. He has captured his goal of finding simplicity in everyday life and representing it in an innovative way. We are pleased this emerging artist and Virginia Tech graduate has found immediate focus for his passion.


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