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"Hero", woodcut by Patrick Sargent

Printmakers Inc - through October 29, 2016


Thank you to Patrick Sargent for organizing this exhibit of twelve studio artists who comprise Printmakers Inc. The works are crisp and engaging, made by the hands of unique talents. It's fascinating to walk the gallery, appreciate the visual, while imagining the layers of ink needed for each color run through the press -- and what that labor entails. Not to simplify at all, but a hint of the beginning process is in the name: woodcut, drypoint, engraving and etching all signify some type of surface removal with specific tools. Lithograph, monotype, collage and silkscreen, a surface process, yes...but what about relief printing? Before this gets too confusing, make a plan to meet the artists October 29, 6-8 pm and ask for yourself how they did it. After you ask their inspiration for wanting to create the image! Want to create a silkcreen of your own with printmaker Patrick Sargent? Come join us in the gallery 3-6 pm on October 29. If you call us now and let us know you are coming we'll have enough materials for everyone. 703.330.2787. It's free, but Patrick says, "donations are always welcome!"



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