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Our next exhibition featuring The Exposure Group will fascinate anyone with an interest in photography.

Colors of Life: The Exposure Group (January 25 - March 3)

The Exposure Group photographers bring forth multiple interpretations of the experience of living in the DC metropolitan area. This visual and impactful body of work shares some of our Nation’s Capital outside of the usual tourist areas. The Exposure Group represents the gamut of subject matter including landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, architectural, and photojournalism. The art will speak for itself.

Come join us at the opening reception on February 4 from 6-8 pm. The reception will consist of cheese and wine, live music, door prizes, and light hors d'oeuvres.

The Horn of Nobility

The Horn of Nobility, Karl Rudd

Jeanine Cummins

The Sentry, Jeanine Cummins


List of exhibiting participants:

Sandy Adams
Bonita Bing
Zandra Chestnut
Jeanine Cummins
Bruce Fagin
Lisa Fanning
Sharon Farmer
Maurice Fitzgerald
Michael Gross
David Hamilton
Arnold Johnson
Donnamaria R. Jones
Gloria Kirk
Tor Moore
Myron Ottley
Caroline Reed
Karl Rudd
Edward Savwoir
Francesca Scott
Michael G. Smith
George Dalton Tolbert IV

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Congratulations to our 13th Annual Off the Wall winners! Despite the snow, our reception on Saturday, January 7, was very successful. We had over 200 visitors, including teachers, parents, and students. Thank you to everyone who came out, and a special thank you again to Lockheed Martin for sponsoring the exhibit!

Visual Arts Category:

1st Place: Anne Bray, Red Riding Hood (Corrugated Cardboard), Osbourn High School

2nd Place: Rebecca Miller, Untitled (Pen & Ink Wash), Battlefield High School

3rd Place: Luke Pham, 51 Shades of Grey (Charcoal), Osbourn High School

Visual Arts Winners

Visual Arts Winners

1st Place (Visual Arts), Anne Bray, "Red Riding Hood", Osbourn High School

1st Place (Visual Arts), Anne Bray, "Red Riding Hood", Osbourn High School

Honorable Mention: Emma Beatty, Portrait, Osbourn Park

Alison Poisson, Lookout, Forest Park

Maria Torres Serafin, Narcissus, Osbourn

Justina Ahinakwah, Winter Night, Forest Park

Caroline Doolin, Self-Portrait, Forest Park

Art & Technology:

1st Place: RJ Weaver, Conformism (3D Print), Manassas Park High School

Art & Technology winner, RJ Weaver

Art & Technology winner, RJ Weaver


1st Place: Kaitlyn Graham, "I Love That Her Hair Is Purple", Woodbridge Senior High School

2nd Place: Leah Gaush, "Speak Up, Poet", Woodbridge Senior High School

3rd Place: Annie Chotikul, "Scribbles and Scraps", Charles J. Colgan Senior High School

1st and 2nd Place Poetry Winners

1st and 2nd Place Poetry Winners

Wearable Art:

1st Place: Leon Sunga from Osbourn High School and model, Stephanie Morra

Wearable Art Participants (Leon Sunga, 1st place winner on far right and model, Stephanie Morra)

Wearable Art Participants (From left to right: Jenny Luu (designer), Litzy Paneloza (model), Stephanie Mora (model), and our 1st place winner, Leon Sunga)




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This year the Center for the Arts was fortunate enough to receive over 167 submissions for our Off the Wall exhibit! After carefully narrowing down the list, 41 works were chosen from the local high school area to be a part of our show. Thank you to all that submitted (and the teachers that helped), and congratulations to those who are exhibiting! The submissions this year were astounding, and reducing the number of works proved to be very challenging.

The exhibit will feature various mediums, such as digital photography, computer graphics, pastel, graphite, and even 3-D Printing (just to name a few)!

Additionally, we had some excellent poetry submissions from local high schools. Last but not least, students participating in the Wearable Art category will get a chance to show off their work at the Off the Wall Open House January 7, 2017 from 2 - 4 pm. All awards will be announced at the Open House.

This project has been extended from the Center for the Arts into an exhibition partnership with our sponsor, Lockheed Martin. The exhibit ends on January 20, many of these works of art will travel to the Lockheed Martin Manassas location to be on display through February 28, 2017.

A very special thank you to Lockheed Martin for their continued support of this event.

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"Hero", woodcut by Patrick Sargent

Printmakers Inc - through October 29, 2016


Thank you to Patrick Sargent for organizing this exhibit of twelve studio artists who comprise Printmakers Inc. The works are crisp and engaging, made by the hands of unique talents. It's fascinating to walk the gallery, appreciate the visual, while imagining the layers of ink needed for each color run through the press -- and what that labor entails. Not to simplify at all, but a hint of the beginning process is in the name: woodcut, drypoint, engraving and etching all signify some type of surface removal with specific tools. Lithograph, monotype, collage and silkscreen, a surface process, yes...but what about relief printing? Before this gets too confusing, make a plan to meet the artists October 29, 6-8 pm and ask for yourself how they did it. After you ask their inspiration for wanting to create the image! Want to create a silkcreen of your own with printmaker Patrick Sargent? Come join us in the gallery 3-6 pm on October 29. If you call us now and let us know you are coming we'll have enough materials for everyone. 703.330.2787. It's free, but Patrick says, "donations are always welcome!"



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If  unfamiliar with the art medium encaustic, come take a look at works by North Carolina artist Jamie McPhail. The root of the word encaustic is "burn," so  right away we learn heat is involved in the art making process. In this case it is using a hot plate, beeswax and resin -- lots of colorful resins. Jamie has a sense of joy in her image making, sharing whimsy and her lightheartedness in what appears to be a naturally difficult medium to manipulate.

Caleb Mathews, a Virginia artist, has a sense of joy as well. His joy is spiritual, with the natural world a reflection of his faith. He has created a series of cloud paintings beautifully rendered, yet unexpectedly presented, in geometrical compositions within their hand built frames. He has captured his goal of finding simplicity in everyday life and representing it in an innovative way. We are pleased this emerging artist and Virginia Tech graduate has found immediate focus for his passion.


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01_Brittle Emma & Bea_CC 500
"Two Chloes in the Squash Patch",
oil by Nancy Brittle

The Painter's Journey

Imagine warm spring sunlight on your shoulders, that good 'glowiness' feeling you get in the fresh air. The Painter’s Journey offers it: Get out of your city-commuting-rut and see fresh laundry breezing on a clothesline.  Revisit the artists’ strolls - through the forest and places unknown. Artists Nancy Brittle, Janie Mosby, Christena Weaver Smith and Kathleen Willingham have been painting together for a good fifteen years. They often paint in plein air and it shows in their work, that they not only enjoy their company together, but they love what they do.

On exhibit through July 29.

Meet the artist’s reception:  Saturday, June 25, 6-8pm

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Andrew Morgan's "Forgotten Farms" gives us all a reminder to live in the moment. It isn't difficult to remember passing through Virginia countryside and spotting fleeting, lonesome beauty. Taking that moment to stop and reflect is where we meet the artist: waiting, watching, composing --grasping, feeling, aching -- the exquisite result calls us to our own wonder, to appreciate the story he has put before us and seek what inspires.

Andrew Morgan: Forgotten Farms photography exhibit will be on display in the gallery through June 16, 2016.

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“What Time Is It”, oil on canvas by Sissie Lewis.
On display through April, 29.

Sissie Lewis earned her fine arts degree from American University but put painting on hold to raise a family. It was only three years ago she got back into it with lessons from our friends at Creative Brush. We are pleased to have Sissie in our current exhibit.

Twenty artists are showing their works in the gallery under the Center’s Annual Fundraising title “Feed the Arts.” They are exhibiting in support of the Center for the Arts with their good name, time, efforts and talents to help us promote all the arts we do.

Not-for-profit arts organizations like ours don’t cover all expenses from earned income: art sales, ticket sales, camps and classes. To cover the difference, we must go to multiple sources to cover the costs of bringing the arts to the community: grant funding, corporate and individual giving, memberships and annual fundraisers!

With the “Feed the Arts" annual fundraiser we get to open the doors with a special event for supporters and for those who are just discovering us-- and to those rediscovering the process of exploring artistic expression!

Participate with us, enjoy classes in dance, visual arts and theatre arts. Go solo, or with your friends and family and of course, don’t forget to visit the gallery.

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