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Ages 13 & up
(3 hours) Dec. 15
Sun. 1:30-4:30pm

Instructor: Carla Riga

Experience an authentic lotus-leaf painting workshop in the tradition originated in Himapan Gallery of Thailand. With studios thriving in New York, Paris, Bangkok, the Czech Republic, and Canada, Himapan has developed a creative process that is unique and accessible. Don't miss this opportunity to flex your creativity and produce an exquisite work of art in a very relaxing atmosphere. Gorgeous solid structure wooden canvases are already prepared with beautiful decoupaged lotus leaves. Instructor Carla Riga will provide paints, brushes/sponges, varnish, and helpful tips to inspire and get you started. You will leave with a painting ready to be hung, no additional framing needed. Sign up early - enrollment is limited. No previous art experience needed. Canvases and supplies are included in fee.
Center for the Arts may provide this Lotus Leaf Painting workshop as a private event for your group of 8 - 14 on a space available basis by special arrangement.  Contact the Center for details.

Ages 7-11
(12 hours) Dec. 26 - 27
Thu. - Fri. 10am – 4pm

Instructor:  Lydia Bratton

What do you know about cartooning? Join our mini-camp and improve your character illustration skills and personal style. We will look at eastern and western comics, and then use hand drawing, digital tablets, and cartooning software to illustrate a page, just like the professionals!

Ages 5-7
(4 Hours) Thur. - Fri. 10:30am-12:30pm
Dec. 26-27

This two-day workshop capitalizes on the natural mimicry of this age group to develop acting fundamentals- the use of the voice, face and body, character and scene work, and acting games that develop imagination and self-confidence. While perfect for the beginner thespian, this session is just as useful to the experienced actor in introducing new skills.


Ages 8-12
(6 Hours) Thur. - Fri. 1:30-4:30
Dec. 26-27

Session II will build on the growing attention span of this age group and explore a broad range of acting experience, improvisation and scene work, with the opportunity to develop characters and allow them to flourish in a variety of theatrical situations. The session is perfect for honing the skills of the confident young actor, but newcomers are welcome to join the fun in developing their talents and gaining the resources to pursue the theatre.


Ages 13-18
(12 hours) Dec. 30 - 31
Mon. - Tue. 10am – 4pm

Instructor: Nicole Osborne

Improve your skills in creating original anime characters with fully developed traits, motivations, and potential story arcs.  We will go over different drawing techniques to help build your character’s look and context, and finish with designing dynamic page layout compositions to showcase your scene. Traditional hand-drawing and inking methods will be featured in the workshop.  Course fee includes $10 supply fee.

 Ages 15 - Adult
Jan. 2 - 30
Thurs.  6:30-9pm

Instructor:  Mike Flynn

Explore the endless possibilities when using fluid and dry media together to make beautiful art. Working with watercolor, gouache, brushes, pencils, pens and ink we will blend line, stroke, wash, transparent and opaque color to create compelling compositions with subtle and bold textural variation. Subject matter options may vary among a variety of landscapes, seascapes, florals, still-life, and abstraction. Watercolor paper will be provided by the instructor. Supply list will be provided upon registration.

Course fee includes $12.00 supply fee.

Teens & Adults
Jan. 2 - Feb. 6
Thu. 7:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Barbara Brennan
Ballroom Dancing is a wonderful way to socialize, exercise, enjoy music, and learn something new! With practice, we will get to know how to Cha-cha, Foxtrot, Swing and more. For each dance we learn, the first 5 basic steps of that dance are taught.  This class is for singles, couples, beginners or those who need a refresher course.

Teens & Adults
Jan. 2 - Feb. 6
Thu. 8:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Barbara Brennan

Want to polish what you’ve mastered in Basic Ballroom? We’ll go further and learn more advanced steps. This session will feature Swing and Rumba.  Feel your confidence grow as you move, step, swirl and spin around the dance floor.

Ages 15 to Adult
(9 Hours) Jan. 4 - Jan. 18
Sat. 9:30am - 12:30pm

Instructor: Don Flory

Do you own a Digital SLR camera but feel you aren’t taking advantage of its capabilities? This class will help you understand what your camera has to offer. We’ll cover issues that are not unique to digital cameras, such as basic camera operations, exposure, light metering, depth of field, ISO settings, as well as issues that are unique to digital cameras such as navigating, jpeg versus raw, setting white balance, color correction, understanding the histogram and more. Each class will include photo walks in our neighborhood for guided practice working with your camera settings. All brands of DSLR camera are welcome.

Ages 15 & up 
(5 Weeks)  Jan. 7 - Feb. 4
Tue. 10:30am-12:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Versatile and forgiving, acrylic paints may be manipulated with a wide array of techniques, applied to many different surfaces, and modified with various additives. Students new to acrylics will learn introductory basics; experienced students will improve skills and explore new directions. Class is offered throughout the year with a different approach presented each session. List of acrylics supplies given upon registration; canvases and boards will be provided by instructor.

Course fee includes tuition and $12 canvas fee.