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Ages 12-Adult
(4 Hours) Saturday 9am-1pm
April 27, 2019

Instructor: Dale Walsh

Behind the Scenes will give students a chance to learn the art of technical theater. Topics to be covered will include design and operation of lighting and sound systems, set design and construction, special effects, and stage management. Classes will take place in real working theaters and include hands-on experience. Learn what goes on behind the curtain--this class is a must for aspiring "techies" both for school drama activities as well as for upcoming Pied Piper Theatre productions.

Ages 16-Adult
(3 Weeks) May 6-May 22

Instructor: David Johnson

Do you want to be better at public speaking, nail a college or job interview, or learn how to have the voice of a leading man or lady? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this class is for you! Utilizing the work of renowned voice teacher, Arthur Lessac, students will develop the natural musicality to their voices as well as discover the healthiest way to speak, project, enunciate and more. Used by famous actors such as Faye Dunaway, Jim Parsons, Martin Sheen and Frank Langella, the Lessac work is the key to finding your own unique voice.

Ages 5-7
(3 Weeks) May 7-May 23

Tue. & Thu. 5:00-6:00 pm
Do you provide Mom and Dad with lots of entertainment at home? Then bring your imagination and explore your talents in this marvelous adventure into acting. Theatre games and improvisation provide a wealth of new acting skills and self-confidence to budding actors!

Ages 8-12
(3 Weeks) May 7-May 23

Tue. & Thu. 6:00-7:00 pm
Got the acting bug? While perhaps not as easy as accomplished actors make it seem, acting builds on techniques that you can learn and practice. In this class, you will learn many techniques so important to auditioning and developing not only your acting abilities, but your self-confidence. This is your chance to explore audition basics, warm-up routines, script work, improvisation, scene study and character study. Action!

Ages 13-Adult
(4 Hours)  Saturday, May 18, 2019

Instructor: Dale Walsh

Starting with the basics of stage lighting systems, this workshop at the Kellar Family Theater takes the participants through all the skills and knowledge to be part of a lighting team. Topics will include: how to identify and select instruments, read light plots and paperwork, set up and run a light board, hang and focus instruments, and create a variety of looks and cues. Safety and professional standards are emphasized.  Bring a pair of work gloves and an adjustable crescent wrench.

Ages 13-Adult
(4 Hours)  Saturday June 1, 2019

Instructor: Dale Walsh

Starting with the basics of theatrical sound systems, this workshop at the Kellar Family Theater takes the participants through all of the skills and knowledge to be part of a sound team.  Topics will include: the parts of the sound chain (mics, mixers, amps, and speakers), how to mic the actors, building sound effects, and running a live show.

Ages 12-Adult
(5 Weeks) June 3 - July 1 
Mon. 6:00 - 7:00 pm 
As with any instrument, the human voice sings the sweetest notes with proper training. If your instrument could use some fine tuning, join this class to work on proper voice technique. All levels of experience are welcome. Class size is limited so register early!

Training and Performing all in one camp!

Age 8-12
(2 Weeks) June 17-28
Mon-Fri   9am-3:30pm

The curtain is rising on this exciting dramatic and musical theatre workshop. Hone your acting skills and join professional guest artists and teachers in a theatre arts adventure through theatre games, drama, acting techniques, mime, scene study and improvisation. Morning sessions in dance, music, voice, musical theatre, stage make-up and much more add a variety of skills essential to a young actor. The afternoon session features a musical theatrical performance workshop. Students will have the opportunity to participate in all elements of the production from character development to creating props, makeup, and costumes. Bring all of your friends and family to this outstanding performance on the final afternoon.

Ages 11-18
June 17 - June 21
M-F 5:30-7:30pm

Instructor: Shania Stewart

Actors & actresses, this dance workshop is for you!  Get ready to audition for our upcoming 2019-20 Pied Piper Theatre productions or your school musical and learn the basic moves that are used by choreographers on the Broadway stage.  For those with dance experience, this is a good way to brush up on your skills.  So… bring your jazz shoes and tap shoes and be prepared to dance like a Broadway "star"!

Ages 15 - Adult
June 17-July 3
M/W 7-9pm

Instructor:  David Johnson

Delve into the fundamentals of the most relevant acting methods while integrating the actor’s full instrument – the body, voice and mind.  The Actor’s Approach is designed for high school, undergraduate, and community theatre actors who are eager to continue their passion for acting into college or area theatre.  Hone your skills through theatre games, exploration and scene study to make honest and organic choices in developing a role.