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Ages 5-8
June 10-14
M-F 10am-1pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Calling all future comic books artists and animators – Improve your ability to design characters and bring them to colorful life in hand-drawn comic format, using high quality cartooning art media! Let’s have fun and work step-by-step to tell a story in pictures. Register by June 2 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

June 10-14
Mon-Fri  6:30-8:30pm

Instructor:  Annaliess Trommatter

Do you love to draw and want to explore line, shape, texture and value in a manner that conveys drama and mystique? Try the visually powerful medium of charcoal. We will experiment with additive and subtractive applications using charcoal pencils and sticks, and learn blending tools and techniques to manipulate the medium for a wide variety of effects. We will also work a bit outdoors so set-up, tools & techniques of plein air drawing may be introduced. Register by June 2 to avoid $15 late fee.

Course fee includes tuition and $20.00 supply fee.

June 11-13
T, W, Th 10am - 1pm

Instructor: Cheryl Miehl

Visual art journaling is an exciting frontier for self-expression. The art form combines art and words, providing a place to access creative energy, stretch image-making capabilities and explore techniques, tools and processes to create very personalized artwork. Artists will experiment with graphite, colored pencil, caran d’ache crayons, paint, collage and printmaking techniques to learn the basic skills of art journaling. Visual Art Journals emphasize the use of color, texture, shape, line and image. No previous artistic experience required as there are no rules, just self-expression! Register by June 2 to avoid $15 late fee.

Course fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 7-12
June 17-21
Mon-Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Manga style drawing and Anime art forms fascinate and inspire a huge fan base. This camp will introduce the history, influences and hand-drawing techniques of Japanese cartooning to young Manga enthusiasts. Register by June 9 to avoid $25 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 11-18
June 17 - June 21
M-F 5:30-7:30pm

Instructor: Shania Stewart

Actors & actresses, this dance workshop is for you!  Get ready to audition for our upcoming 2019-20 Pied Piper Theatre productions or your school musical and learn the basic moves that are used by choreographers on the Broadway stage.  For those with dance experience, this is a good way to brush up on your skills.  So… bring your jazz shoes and tap shoes and be prepared to dance like a Broadway "star"!

Ages 15-Adult
June 17-21
Mon-Fri     6:30-9pm

Instructor: Mike Flynn

This class is designed for students (beginner to intermediate) who want to explore the unique principles of watercolor: transparency, speed, spontaneity. Classes will emphasize and demonstrate brush work, color mixing, wash techniques, value patterns, design layout and composition. We will discover “technical tricks” with different tools: palette knives, butter knife, plastic credit cards, and learn to make corrections by lifting out, washing out and sponging out already painted surfaces. Class may be taken multiple times; subject matter will vary among a variety of landscapes, seascapes, florals and still-life. Watercolor paper will be provided by the instructor. Supply list will be provided upon registration. Register by June 9 to avoid $20 late fee.

Course fee includes $12.00 Paper Supply fee.

Ages 15 - Adult
June 17-July 3
M/W 7-9pm

Instructor:  David Johnson

Delve into the fundamentals of the most relevant acting methods while integrating the actor’s full instrument – the body, voice and mind.  The Actor’s Approach is designed for high school, undergraduate, and community theatre actors who are eager to continue their passion for acting into college or area theatre.  Hone your skills through theatre games, exploration and scene study to make honest and organic choices in developing a role.

June 18-20
Tue, Wed, Thu     10am - 2pm

Instructor: Cheryl Miehl

The Gelli Plate is a tool that encourages play!  Join us as you learn to create amazing prints loaded with layers of color and design.  Prints can be made in just one layer, or through multiple layers where overlapping patterns create 1-of-a-kind papers! We will explore printing many colors in a single “pull” of the plate, or layer colors one “pull” at a time to build unique and interesting designs. We will use commercial stencils, and learn to make our own stencils for more personalized graphics. Color theory and composition will be discussed, and everyday objects will be used to create textures. Learn techniques to hand color finished prints and discover ways to use “junk” prints for other mixed media projects. We will generate a lot of art in three short days - the possibilities are endless with this versatile printmaking experience! Register by June 9 to avoid $20 late fee.

Course fee includes $20.00 Supply Fee.

Ages 13-18
June 24-28
Mon-Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Nicole Osborne

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own animated gifs? Edit sound to go along with your animations? Then this week of camp is perfect for you! We will be learning how to use an assortment of software platforms to create our own short animations. We will talk about best practices within the industry. This is a great beginner course for anyone wanting to get started with animation. Class limited to 8 students. Register by June 16 to avoid $25 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 5-10
June 24-28
Mon-Fri     10am-1pm

Instructor: Annaliess Trommatter

Are you a budding artist filling page after page with drawings? Join this studio art camp and play with materials and techniques that will expand your creativity in two and three-dimensional projects. Discover your own creative power as you learn about the wonderful elements of design: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Space, Texture, Color. Register by June 16 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.