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Ages 8-14
June 24 - 28
Mon - Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Creative nature lovers - join us for a unique experience in the beautiful studios at Windy Knoll Farm! This week-long camp is about making art from our surroundings, incorporating organic elements as creative tools and materials. Combining components such as leaves, twigs, and stones with traditional art media, we will apply a variety of techniques to create clay nature prints, glass-like paintings, natural sculptures, and more. Let’s push the boundaries of what art is and how we perceive ourselves in our earthly habitat. Register by June 16 to avoid $25 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 11-18
June 24 - June 28
M-F 5:30-7:30pm

Instructor: Shania Stewart

Actors & actresses, this dance workshop is for you!  Get ready to audition for our upcoming 2019-20 Pied Piper Theatre productions or your school musical and learn the basic moves that are used by choreographers on the Broadway stage.  For those with dance experience, this is a good way to brush up on your skills.  So… bring your jazz shoes and tap shoes and be prepared to dance like a Broadway "star"!

June 24-28
Mon-Fri      6:30-8:30pm

Instructor:  Emily Thomson

Great illustrators masterfully bend realism to suit their visual storytelling and capture the reader’s imagination. Learn techniques, tips and tricks from published children’s book illustrator Emily Thomson. Topics will include the use of thumbnail sketches, creation of polished line drawings, inking and hand coloring techniques. You will take away a better understanding of how to convey a character’s personality and develop your own style. Bring some of your favorite animal or human photographs to use as visual references; we will have more for your choosing, too. Materials will be provided via supply fee. Register by June 16 to avoid $15 late fee.


Course fee includes tuition and $25.00 supply fee.

July 1-3, 5
Mon-Wed, Fri     10am-2pm ; No class 7/4

Instructor: Michelle Ciancarelli

Combine composition with color theory to learn how the two work together for successful artwork. Learn painting techniques for texture and depth. This course will provide an in-depth introduction to color theory and invite students to think about composition not just in terms of form and value but also regarding color. As there is no one ‘right way’ to paint, we will actively explore a variety of ways to begin and develop a painting, through hands-on investigation of concepts and techniques that these processes entail: tonal (under)painting, block-out (under)painting, wash, direct painting, layering, dry-brushing, blending, texturing, etc. Class is suitable for beginners to experienced painters as challenges will be individualized. No previous experience is required! Pack a lunch or snack each day. Register by June 23 to avoid $20 late fee.


Course fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 12-16
July 1-3, 5
Mon-Wed, Fri     10am-12pm ; No class 7/4

Instructor: Suhail Mir

Middle school & teen photography lovers - Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from expert photographer Suhail Mir. He has designed a course to teach you how to capture that “great shot”, tell a story through images, and express yourself through photographs. Class topics will include common mistakes, rules of composition, storytelling, leading lines, repeating patterns, creative angles, shapes and lighting. Students must bring their own digital cameras to every class. (Phone and tablet cameras are acceptable, too.) Register by June 23 to avoid $10 late fee.

Ages 13-Adult
July 1-3, 5
Mon-Wed, Fri     6:30pm-9pm ; No class 7/4

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

What’s behind Manga & Anime? Why are these art forms so popular? We will look at Japanese cartooning, learn a bit about the history and techniques, and apply our skills in making creative and original Japanese frame-boards. Register by June 23 to avoid $15 late fee.

Course fee includes $15 Supply fee.

Ages 9-14
July 8-12
Mon-Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Imagine creating your very own handmade book inspired by materials, techniques and traditions that date back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian times! We will take a look at some of the earliest surviving inscriptions for idea development.  Students may choose a favorite proverb or write an original expression of truth, then illustrate the concept through a series of bound pages. The construction of these books will consist of natural and modern bookmaking materials, and could include parchment, leather, wood and even clay. Amazing lifetime keepsakes! Register by June 30 to avoid $25 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 13- Adult
June 24 - 28
Mon - Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Martin Cervantez

Step into the 3rd dimension as renowned artist Martin Cervantez leads students through the multi-faceted process of making art from found objects and non-traditional media. Explorations of composition, rhythm, texture, and depth will combine with the engineering of assembly and attachment utilizing the instructor’s fascinating collection of components. All materials will be provided via supply fee.  Register by June 30 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Artist Martin Cervantez is a former Artist in Residence at the U.S. Army Center of Military History where he was responsible for capturing the Army's story on paper and canvas. Current artwork transitions to dynamic abstract creations in two and three dimensions.  This summer Martin shares his passion for visual expression in two sessions at Windy Knoll, providing a vivid introduction to the elements of design through abstraction. These programs are excellent for portfolio development, or just for the joy of creating art with the instructor’s guidance.
See also Martin's second abstract art class
Painting - Mind, Body & Spririt.

Age 8-15
(2 weeks) July 8-19
M - F 1:30-5pm

Musical theatre hits the stage in this premiere program at the Kellar Theater.  Drama, music and dance come together as students work on an entertaining new musical production.  Participating young actors will showcase their talents with final performances on Friday, July 19 at 5:30pm.  All students must be available for the final performance.

Age Teen - Adult
(3 weeks) July 8-26
M-Th 6-8pm

Actors – bring your inner Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes sleuthing skills to this three-week interactive production where mystery, mayhem, and intrigue all add up to a prescription for murder.  With nerve rattling suspense, chills, thrills, alibis and spine tingling plot twists, don’t tell anyone “whodunit”…and keep the audience guessing! Dessert’s on us during the culminating public *performance on Friday, July 26 at 7:30pm at the Kellar Family Theater.