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Ages 8-12
(6 Hours) Thur. - Fri. 1:30-4:30
Dec. 26-27

Session II will build on the growing attention span of this age group and explore a broad range of acting experience, improvisation and scene work, with the opportunity to develop characters and allow them to flourish in a variety of theatrical situations. The session is perfect for honing the skills of the confident young actor, but newcomers are welcome to join the fun in developing their talents and gaining the resources to pursue the theatre.


 Ages 15 - Adult
Jan. 2 - 30
Thurs.  6:30-9pm

Instructor:  Mike Flynn

Explore the endless possibilities when using fluid and dry media together to make beautiful art. Working with watercolor, gouache, brushes, pencils, pens and ink we will blend line, stroke, wash, transparent and opaque color to create compelling compositions with subtle and bold textural variation. Subject matter options may vary among a variety of landscapes, seascapes, florals, still-life, and abstraction. Watercolor paper will be provided by the instructor. Supply list will be provided upon registration.

Course fee includes $12.00 supply fee.

Ages 15 & up 
(5 Weeks)  Jan. 7 - Feb. 4
Tue. 10:30am-12:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Versatile and forgiving, acrylic paints may be manipulated with a wide array of techniques, applied to many different surfaces, and modified with various additives. Students new to acrylics will learn introductory basics; experienced students will improve skills and explore new directions. Class is offered throughout the year with a different approach presented each session. List of acrylics supplies given upon registration; canvases and boards will be provided by instructor.

Course fee includes tuition and $12 canvas fee.

Teens & Adults
Jan. 8 - Jan. 29
Wed. 7:00-8:00pm

Instructor: Alan Golombek

Start off 2019 with sultry beats, Latin music & movement. Learn Salsa in an intensive 4-week session. Award-winning ballroom dancers Alan Golombek and wife Thuy will teach basic timing and footwork of this very festive and popular Latin Dance.

Ages 15 & up 
(5 Weeks)  Jan. 9 - Feb. 6
Thu. 10:15am-12:45pm

Instructor: Deborah Dismuke

This class will explore the fundamental techniques of oil painting, working from both still life and photographs. Beginners will learn the care and use of essential materials such as brushes, canvases, and mediums, and experienced students will advance their understanding of oils through expert guidance from the instructor. Class designed for students with some background in drawing. Supply list will be provided.

Course fee includes tuition and $12 canvas fee.

Ages Teen - Adult
( 8 Hours) Fri. 6 - 8pm
Jan. 10 - 31

For actors of all levels, this class will rediscover the basics of acting: intentions, opposites, relationships, and humor.   Develop your acting tools through improvisation, character development, scene study, and creativity.  Learn to engage your character to make confident and strong choices in developing a scene through new skills.


Ages 15 & up
(4 hours) Jan. 12
Sun. 1:00-5:00pm

Instructor: Natalya Nikitina

"Create the life you envision!"

What do you really want in life? A healthy body, mind and soul?....Broadened horizons...a purposeful job... a more vibrant love life?
Reflect upon pathways to your 2020 goals and let your creativity flow into Vision Board Art.  A Vision Board is a representation of the primary things you want to do, be, and have in your life. There is a saying “Where your attention goes, your energy flows.”  The vision boards we create will help us to manifest dreams into reality, providing direction and clarity.  We will begin with focus and relaxation techniques through guided meditation, then we will support your creative process by demonstrating a variety of mixed media techniques and materials.  No prior art experience needed.  Let go of limitations, dream big, and express yourself in making this very personal work of art.  Course fee includes tuition and $5 supply fee.

Age 18 & up
(5 weeks) January 22 - February 19
Wed. 6:30pm-9:00pm

Instructor: Emily Thomson

This class will provide opportunity to draw the unclothed figure with guidance from the instructor. Live models will pose for both quick sketches and more detailed studies. We will explore gesture drawing, and the movement of line, physical proportion, and the interplay of light and shadow on the human form. Please bring your artist sketching pencils and charcoals, and an 18" x 24" drawing pad. Program is geared toward students with previous drawing experience: advanced beginners and intermediate students welcome. High school students may enroll with parental consent letter, contact the Center for details.

Course fee includes tuition and a $45 model fee.

Ages 5-7
(6 Weeks)  Jan. 28-Mar. 5
Tues. & Thurs. 5-6pm

Join this theatre adventure for our youngest actors and actresses as they learn the basics of acting through age appropriate theatre games. While working as a team, they will discover the fun of putting on a short presentation which they will perform for family and friends on the final day of class.

Ages 8-12
(6 Weeks) Jan. 28-Mar. 5
Tue. & Thu.6-7:30pm

Students are challenged to create and sustain a role without the pressure of auditioning. This performance workshop provides an opportunity to take the stage while learning acting basics and valuable theatre skills. Family and friends are invited to the final performance!