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Ages 5-7
July 22 - Aug. 2
M-F 10:00am - 12:30pm

Bring your imagination to a musical theatre adventure of fun and creativity.  Students will develop their acting talents through theatre games, storytelling, improvisation, and character development.  Enjoy learning songs and dances while working on a short musical production to be performed on the final day of the camp for family and friends. 

Ages 11-Adult
July 22 - 25
Mon - Thu     10am-1:45pm

Instructor: Michelle Ciancarelli

All styles of drawing (cartooning, fantasy illustration, digital art) flow from an understanding and practice of fundamental drawing skills. Learn about pencil softness/hardness and how to use them correctly in your composition. Explore drawing techniques for texture, value and form rendering, and develop the ability to recognize and proportionally represent edges, shapes, negative space, line and shadow. Inspiration abounds in the beautiful studios at Windy Knoll Farm. Register by July 14 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 15 - Adult
July 22-26
Mon-Fri     6:30-9pm

Instructor: Deborah Dismuke

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced students who want to explore the unique properties of oil painting in the context of portraiture. Artist Deborah Dismuke will guide students through the process of developing a proportional facial likeness while emphasizing and demonstrating material properties of oils through brush work, color mixing, wash techniques, and value patterns. We will work from a model throughout the course. Canvases will be provided via model fee. Supply list will be provided upon registration. Enroll by July 14 to avoid $20 late fee.

Course fee includes $35.00 Model and Canvas fee.

Ages 5-10
July 29-August 2
Mon-Fri     10am-1pm

Instructor: Amanda Shaw

Are you in search of new opportunities to nurture the creativity in your budding artist? In this class we will explore a variety of mediums and themes involving drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture geared toward elementary students. Introduction to these fundamental media through their history in cultures around the world will be part of our daily activities. Each child will learn to greater appreciate their own creative power and how art may connect us all. Register by July 21 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $30.00 Supply fee.

Ages 10-14
July 29-August 2
Mon-Fri     10am-2pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Take a trip around the world with your sketchbook in hand.  Visit a faraway continent, city, landmark, or beautiful rural view with no waiting in lines, lost luggage, or travel fees! Improvement of fundamental drawing skills will be the focus the class, with virtually unlimited visual reference possibilities courtesy of Google Street View.  Through a wide array of lessons, students will learn to recognize and proportionally represent edges, shapes, negative space, line, and shadow, while finding inspiration via technological exploration. Register by July 21 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $20.00 Supply fee.

Age 8-15
(2 weeks) July 29 - Aug. 9
M - F 1:30-5pm

Musical theatre hits the stage in this premiere program at the Kellar Theater. Drama, music and dance come together as students work on an entertaining new musical production. Participating young actors will showcase their talents with final performances on Friday, August 9 at 5:30pm. All students must be available for the final performance.

Ages 7-14
July 29-August 2
Mon-Fri     6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Do you have very busy days, and find yourself daydreaming about what you might create in an art studio in the evenings? Take a full week to explore mixed media and dabble a lot as you go. We’ll work a bit at sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. Sounds like a daydream realized? Don’t forget to bring an old shirt because we’re going to get messy. Register by July 21 to avoid $15 late fee.

Course fee includes $20 Supply fee.

Ages 13-Adult
August 2
Fri  3:15pm—8:30pm
August 5-9
Mon-Fri    10am-3pm

Instructor:  Nicole Osborne

Are you interested in creating better event documentation videos for social media and personal use? This course will introduce best practices for filming in public and techniques for video capture and editing. Part one will take place Friday August 2, beginning with a discussion of the ethics and responsibilities of filming in public settings, followed by video capture of the community event the “Dog Days of Summer” 1st Friday , a very popular dog-friendly and dog-centric celebration all around our Old Town Manassas neighborhood. Part two will take place the following week in the Center’s Computer Lab where students will share their footage and each create their own “Dogumentary” of the event. Widely available video and sound editing software will be utilized on PCs in the Computer Lab. We will introduce location scouting, image stabilization, interviewing, filming collaboration, voice over and more. Students must bring their own cell phone for video capture with minimum 20 GB free memory space available to hold video footage, and an empty 8gb flashdrive. Class limited to 8 students. Register by July 28 to avoid $25 late fee.

Course fee includes tuition and $10 supply fee.

Ages 5-10
August 5-9
Mon-Fri     10am-1pm

Instructor: Nicole Osborne

Think outside the box, inside the box, on top of the box, and through the box! Come design your own personal art fort. We will look at simple homes through time, and construct individual creative habitats big enough to get inside and take cover! Our process will include window affects, doors, roof structures and other embellishments.  Decorate the interior and exterior of your art fort with your personal theme. Let’s make an artists’ community of our very own! Register by July 28 to avoid $20 late fee.

Camp fee includes $30.00 Supply fee.

Ages 5-7
Aug. 5-16
M-F 10:00am - 12:30pm

Take a journey to the magical world of Dr. Seuss.  Explore your favorite characters from the books including the Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, the Grinch, the Lorax and many more!  Students will have the opportunity to play theatre games, learn basic acting skills, and create these wonderful characters.  We will make some of our own props and costumes or try on something from the costume closet.  Our young actors will enjoy a visit from family and friends on the final day for a short celebration of our accomplishments.