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Age 15 & up
(4 weeks) May 22 - June 12
Wed. 6:30pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Emily Thomson

Improve both drawing and painting skills using the striking sepia-toned medium of walnut ink. We will explore special techniques with different types of pens, nibs, and brushes and experiment with mixed media finishing touches to bring highlights to finished drawings. This class is for students who have previous drawing experience. Price includes tuition and a $12 supply fee.

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Ages 15 - Adult
(5 weeks) May 16 - June 13
Thurs. 7-9pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Wild and wonderful color! Learn a variety of techniques, color mixing principles, and special effects in watercolor or acrylics. The program will help clarify the differences in properties and effects that may be achieved with these paints, but the student may determine which medium they wish to use in this combined session. Beginners will learn the basics, while more advanced students will enhance skills and explore new directions. Paper and canvases will be provided, plus a list of additional supplies you will need. Course fee includes $12 supply fee.

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Ages 15 - Adult
(5 weeks) May 17 - June 14
Fri. 10:30am-12:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz
Jump into an adventure and into the world of watercolor. Beginners will learn the basic tools and techniques of the medium; more advanced students are encouraged to explore new methods, materials and styles. You can grow as an artist with the class since it is offered throughout the year. A different approach or subject matter is presented each session. Watercolor paper will be provided by the instructor, along with individual instruction geared for your comfort level. Supply list will be provided. Course fee includes tuition and paper supply fee.

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Age 11 & up
(12 hours) May 25 - June 15
Sat. 1:30-4:30pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Improve your photographs and/or drawings with technology! Learn how to artistically transform images – with the use of computers and digital drawing tablets, creative possibilities are endless. We’ll start the session in our Historic Manassas neighborhood; students may photograph or sketch as they choose. We will manipulate our digital files with Adobe Photoshop and other widely accessible software programs in the Center’s computer lab. Using images created during class or from the students’ own body of work we will make compelling new compositions. Phone & tablet cameras welcome. This introductory class is suitable for ages 11 to adults. Enrollment limited to 8 students. Tuition includes $15.00 supply fee.

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Ages 15 & up 
(5 Weeks)  May 14 - June 11
Tue. 10:30am-12:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz
Versatile and forgiving, water-based acrylics may be manipulated with a wide array of methods, applied to many different surfaces, and modified with various additives. We will explore application techniques, surface variations, and the effect of medium additives to stretch the reach of our creativity. Small class size allows for individual instruction: students new to acrylics will learn introductory basics; more advanced students will further develop skills and explore new directions. The class may be taken multiple times; new subject matter is presented in each session. Canvases and boards will be provided by the instructor; registrants will receive a list of materials to bring to class via email after registration.  Course fee includes tuition and $12 canvas fee.

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First timers call the Center at least 24 hours prior to get on Tuesday Studio email list.
Ages 15 to Adult
Tues. 7-9pm

Join us for an informal and lively studio session. Recommended for advanced-beginners and intermediate students working in any 2-D medium, subject, and style you choose.  The instructor provides technical tips, constructive feedback and assistance in achieving goals set by the student. This studio is about encouraging growth and artistic expression.  Students should bring their own supplies, reference materials and a work in progress.  No Advance Sales; Pay at the door. Check with the Center to ensure Studio is Open each week.

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Teens & Adults
May 28 - June 25
Tue. 7:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Cookie Bell
You’ve never truly listened to country music until you’ve danced to country music. Get your boots tapping with this fun and energetic 5 week session, featuring couples dances Two Step, Country Waltz, and El Paso, along with several fun country line dances. Our last lesson on June 25 will be held in the beautiful Event Venue at Windy Knoll Farm in Nokesville, and we will finish with a Country & Western Dance Party.  Participation in that event is included in this course fee.  Spread the word and tip your hats, as your friends may join the June 25 party for a nominal fee. Click HERE for details on Country & Western Dance Night @Windy Knoll!

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Ages 13-Adult
(4 Hours)  Saturday June 1, 2019

Instructor: Dale Walsh

Starting with the basics of theatrical sound systems, this workshop at the Kellar Family Theater takes the participants through all of the skills and knowledge to be part of a sound team.  Topics will include: the parts of the sound chain (mics, mixers, amps, and speakers), how to mic the actors, building sound effects, and running a live show.

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Ages 12-Adult
(5 Weeks) June 3 - July 1 
Mon. 6:00 - 7:00 pm 
As with any instrument, the human voice sings the sweetest notes with proper training. If your instrument could use some fine tuning, join this class to work on proper voice technique. All levels of experience are welcome. Class size is limited so register early!

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Teens & Adults
June 6 - July 18 ; no class 7/4
Thu. 7:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Barbara Brennan
Ballroom Dancing brings out the social dynamics and best of everyone who likes to “move.” With practice, we will get to know how to Cha-cha, Fox-trot, Swing and more. For each dance we learn, the first 5 basic steps of that dance are taught.  This class is for singles, couples, beginners or those who need a refresher course.

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