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Ages 15 - Adult
Feb. 20 - March 19
Thurs.  10:15am - 12:45pm

Instructor:  Mike Flynn

Explore the endless possibilities when using fluid and dry media together to make beautiful art. Working with watercolor, gouache, brushes, pencils, pens and ink we will blend line, stroke, wash, transparent and opaque color to create compelling compositions with subtle and bold textural variation. Subject matter options may vary among a variety of landscapes, seascapes, florals, still-life, and abstraction. Watercolor paper will be provided by the instructor. Supply list will be provided upon registration.

Course fee includes $12.00 supply fee.

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Teens & Adults
(5 Weeks)  Feb. 24 - March 23
Mon. 6pm - 8pm

Instructor: Lee Darter

This class will provide introduction to the Zentangle method of meditative structured drawing. Class will cover the history, applications, and steps to create original Zentangled squares, called “tiles.” All art levels are invited and no artistic experience is needed, just a willingness to try something new. Students should bring their own sketchbook from home. Supply kit covered by supply fee will be sent home with student on the last class day. Learn more about the field location at www.windyknollfarm.com.

Course fee includes $25.00 supply fee.

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Ages 15 & up
Feb. 27 - Mar. 19
Thurs. 7:00 - 8:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Discover the art of "beautiful writing" in clear and easy steps. Relax and watch the pen strokes flow when we learn basic letter forms; a different style is explored in each class.  This program is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students who want to expand skills. The class includes simple take-home projects to help you become confident with this ancient and therapeutic art form.  A perfect class for card making and invitations, it is also ideal for students who are exploring the art of bookmaking and art journals.  Course fee includes $20 supply fee.

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Ages 15-Adult
March 28
(4 hours)
Sat. 10:15am - 3:15pm (1 hour lunch break)

Instructor:  Jean Seelig

Enjoy Asian brush painting in this workshop with award-winning artist Jean Seelig.  One stroke techniques will be demonstrated and practiced with an emphasis on the relaxing elements of the art form. Motifs will vary with the season. Bring a lunch or plan to enjoy your mid-class break in a neighborhood eatery.  Course fee includes $15 supply fee.

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Ages 13-18
(20 hours) Apr. 6 - 9
Mon. - Thu. 10:30am – 3:30pm

Instructor:  Ryan Arias

This course will lead writers and artists through the steps of creating and constructing an imaginary world in a process known as "Worldbuilding," a term used to describe the creation of a fictional universe. Explore the development of a unique setting that exists only in your mind’s eye, weaving history, ecology and geography to create a full and rich backstory for fiction and artwork. We will represent key elements of our worlds in words and images, using technology in our Computer Lab. Writers, gamers, and illustrators – come share your vision and find pathways to more vibrant creativity! Bring a bagged lunch each day.  Course fee includes $10 supply fee.

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