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Our Mission

The Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas and Prince William County's vision is "a community enriched through the creative arts."

Our mission is to enrich the creative community by:

Engaging people of all ages
Celebrating diversity
Fostering innovation
Cultivating collaboration and communication

Pied Piper Theatre

The Center for the Arts’ nationally recognized Pied Piper Theatre (PPT) welcomes young people ages 8 through 18 to explore the world of theatre both on the stage and behind the curtain.

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Rooftop Productions

Rooftop Productions is our theatre company for adults. Now entering its 15th year, Rooftop Productions brings a refreshing variety of classic drama, comedy, and musical entertainment to the community.

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Upcoming Events & Programs

Ages 12-16
July 1-3, 5
Mon-Wed, Fri     10am-12pm ; No class 7/4

Instructor: Suhail Mir

Middle school & teen photography lovers - Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from expert photographer Suhail Mir. He has designed a course to teach you how to capture that “great shot”, tell a story through images, and express yourself through photographs. Class topics will include common mistakes, rules of composition, storytelling, leading lines, repeating patterns, creative angles, shapes and lighting. Students must bring their own digital cameras to every class. (Phone and tablet cameras are acceptable, too.) Register by June 23 to avoid $10 late fee.


Ages 5-7
July 1-12
M-F 10:00am - 12:30pm

For a recipe of fun add a dash of fantasy, a pinch of adventure, and sprinkle liberally with fairy dust for this magical journey into musical theatre for ages 5-7.  Footlights & Fairy Tales introduces the young actor to basic performing skills through movement, music, and imagination.  Children have fun acting out a simple play based on a childhood tale or short story.  Family and friends are invited to a performance on the last day of this two week acting adventure.

Ages 13-Adult
July 1-3, 5
Mon-Wed, Fri     6:30pm-9pm ; No class 7/4

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

What’s behind Manga & Anime? Why are these art forms so popular? We will look at Japanese cartooning, learn a bit about the history and techniques, and apply our skills in making creative and original Japanese frame-boards. Register by June 23 to avoid $15 late fee.

Course fee includes $15 Supply fee.

Fred and Ginger side by side
Dance Programs

Join us for the fabulous dance sessions one Sunday each month at the Center for the Arts; or try out a dance class with one of our terrific teachers. Beginners and advanced dancers are all welcome.

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Arts on the Go

The Arts on the Go project consists of four self-contained interactive exhibits, each with a distinct theme. Two modules (Habitats and Energy Matters) have been designed for use in elementary schools, and two other modules (PowerUP! and Biomes of the World) have been created for middle school students. 

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