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Events & Programs

The Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas and Prince William County's vision is "a community enriched through the creative arts."

Our mission is to enrich the creative community by:

Engaging people of all ages
Celebrating diversity
Fostering innovation
Cultivating collaboration and communication

Shrek Swampfest CharactersPied Piper Theater

The Center for the Arts’ nationally recognized Pied Piper Theatre (PPT) welcomes young people ages 8 through 18 to explore the world of theatre both on the stage and behind the curtain.

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Rooftop Productions Incorruptible press photo full size
Rooftop Productions

Rooftop Productions, the Center for the Arts’ theatre company, now entering its 10th year, brings a refreshing variety of classic drama, comedy, and musical entertainment to the community.

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Upcoming Events & Programs

Ages 6-9
June 26-30
Mon. - Fri. 10am-1pm

Instructor: Jane Zatkowsky

Let’s have a club of LEGO activities, constructing vehicles, gliders, spinners, bridges, towers, and speed-building challenges, all from a pile of bricks! Come Play at LEGO Camp!

Camp fee includes $5.00 Activity fee.

Ages 8-14
June 26-30
Mon. - Fri. 10am-2pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Frank Lloyd Wright became a great architect by using his love of nature’s colors and shapes in his ground-breaking designs. This unique camp will take place at Windy Knoll Farm in Nokesville and in the Center’s Computer Lab. Students will learn about Wright’s life and vision as they directly experience the powerful inspiration of the natural world. Art activities will explore the hidden geometric shapes within nature and various works of art. Experimenting with different art media, students will learn to illustrate 3–D forms, depicting objects in proportion. The incorporation of symmetry, asymmetry and pattern will be studied and applied to both architectural and abstract forms of art.

Camp fee includes $20.00 Supply fee.

Ages 11-18
June 26-30
Mon. - Fri. 6-7:30pm

Actors & actresses, this dance is for you!  Come and learn the different styles of dance that are used by choreographers on the Broadway stage. You will also be introduced to the basics of dance that will help you improve your moves for your next audition and performance.  So, bring your jazz shoes and be prepared to learn how to dance like a real "star"!

Fred and Ginger side by side
Dance Programs

Join us for the fabulous dance sessions one Sunday of each month from 4-6pm at the Center for the Arts. Beginners and advanced dancers are all welcome.

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Elem Energy Matters 3 walls 2011 copy
Arts on the Go

The Arts on the Go project consists of three self-contained interactive exhibits, each with a distinct theme.  Two modules (Habitats and Energy Matters) have been designed for use in elementary schools, and a third module (PowerUP!) has been created for middle school students.

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