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Rooftop Productions announces auditions for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown on Saturday and Sunday, March 4 & 5 from 2-5pm with callbacks on Monday, March 6 from 6-9pm at the Center for the Arts, 9419 Battle St., Manassas, VA. Actors between the ages of 20-30 are needed for the roles of Charlie Brown, Linus, Schroeder, Lucy, Patty, and Snoopy for this popular musical production. Actors should bring a resume and photo and be prepared to sing a song from the show or one of their choice to sing acapella. There will also be cold readings from the script.

Performances are scheduled at the Kellar Theater in the Center for the Arts on Fridays and Saturdays, May 5-20, 2017. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is based on the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz with book, music and lyrics by Clark Gesner and directed by Ted Ballard. For additional nformation  call 703-330-2787.

Available roles:

Charlie Brown (ages 20-30) Possesses significant determination and hope, but frequently fails because of his insecurities. While he can be smart, he over-thinks things and this often gives him a tendency to procrastinate.

Linus Van Pelt (ages 20-30) Thoughtful about many things but fanatical when it comes to the matter of his security blanket.

Schroeder (ages 20-30) Distinguished by his precocious skill at playing the piano, as well as by his love of classical music and the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in particular.

Lucy Van Pelt (ages 20-30) Bossy, crabby, selfish, and hopelessly in love with Schroeder.

Patty (ages 20-30) Completely centered in herself and how she appears to others.

Snoopy (ages 20-30) Charlie Brown’s dog. Spends much if not most of his time thinking of being something else, but that mostly his life is a pleasant one.

Those auditioning may bring a song from the show, or one of their choice. Song presentations will be acapella. There will also be cold readings from the script.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is produced by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 560 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10022.