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Summer Camps

Summer Camps


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Age 8-12
(2 weeks) June 26-July 7;  no camp 7/4
Mon. - Fri. 9am-3:30pm

The curtain is rising on this exciting dramatic and musical theatre workshop.  Join professional guest artists and teachers in a theatre arts adventure through theatre games, drama, acting techniques, mime, scene study, and improvisation.  Morning sessions in dance, music, voice, musical theatre, and theatre combat add a variety of skills essential to the young actor. The afternoon session features a musical theatrical performance workshop.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in all elements of the production from character development to creating sets, props, makeup, and costumes.  Friends and family are welcome to attend the performance on the final afternoon.

Ages 13-Adult
July 3-7, no class 7/4
Mon. - Fri. 10am-1pm

Instructor: Mike Flynn

Join artist Mike Flynn & learn to paint outdoors at beautiful Windy Knoll Farm in Nokesville. Working both in the field and within an onsite studio, students will take inspiration from nature, regardless of weather.  Set-up, tools & techniques of plein air painting will be introduced. Don’t miss this extraordinary art camp. Learn more about the location at www.windyknollfarm.com.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 5-8
July 3-7, no class 7/4
Mon. - Fri. 10am-1pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton

Have you ever drawn alien beings, human and other animal creatures on the same page? Improve your ability to design characters and bring them to colorful life in hand-drawn comic format, using high quality cartooning art media! Let’s have fun and work step-by-step to tell a story in pictures.

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 9-11
July 3-7, no class 7/4
Mon. - Fri. 2-5pm

Instructor: Jane Zatkowsky

Join us for creative LEGO Technic® building: Using instructions from a LEGO Master builder, Yoshihito Isogawa, we will learn about building contraptions utilizing motors, gears and LEGO Technic bricks.

Camp fee includes $5.00 Activity fee.

Ages 12-Adults
July 3-7, no class 7/4
Mon., Wed. , Thu., Fri. 7-9pm

Instructor: Lydia Bratton
What’s behind Manga & Anime? Why are these so popular? We will take a look at Japanese cartooning, learn a bit about the history & techniques and apply our skills into making creative and original Japanese frame-boards.

Camp Fee includes $15.00 supply fee.

Ages 13-18
July 5 & 6
Wed. & Thur. 10am - 3pm

Instructor: Cheryl Miehl

Visual art journaling is an exciting frontier for those wanting to combine art and words (if desired) to express yourself. It provides a place to access your creative energy, image-making ability and explore a variety of techniques, tools and processes to create very personalized artwork. Artists will experiment with graphite, caran d’ache crayons, colored pencil, paint, collage and printmaking techniques to learn the basic skills needed to create visual art journals. Visual Art Journals emphasize the use of color (lots of color!), texture, shape, line, and image. Come explore the endless possibilities of this personal artist expression! No previous artistic experience required as there are no rules, just self-expression!

Camp fee includes $25.00 Supply fee.

Ages 5-7
(2 weeks) July 10-21
Mon.-Fri. 10am-12:30pm

For a recipe of fun add a dash of fantasy, a pinch of adventure, and sprinkle liberally with fairy dust for this magical journey into musical theatre for ages 5-7.  Storybook Theatre introduces the young actor to basic performing skills through movement, music, and imagination.  Children have fun acting out a simple play based on a childhood tale or short story.  Family and friends are invited to a performance on the last day of this two week adventure.

Ages 9-14
July 10 - 14
Mon. - Fri.  10am - 1pm

Instructor: Jane Zatkowsky

In this Mindstorms Made Easy course we will build a 5–minute robot, and using a computer, program the robot to do different actions.  There will be mazes to master with your robot and challenges to complete.  You will work with a partner on the robot, mazes and challenges.  Register early, enrollment is limited!

Camp fee includes $10.00 Activity fee.

Ages 7-12
July 10-14
Mon. - Fri. 10am-2pm

Instructor:  Lydia Bratton

Let's go "Cover to Cover" about the process of making books.  Students will be inspired to publish their work by using various art mediums, specialty papers, and computers.  We will write stories and illustrate our work, creating a treasure for years to come.  Share your book with parents and siblings at our "Authors' Party" the last half hour of the last day of camp!

Camp Fee includes $25.00 supply fee.

Age 8-15
(2 weeks) July 10 - 21
Mon. - Fri. 1-4:30pm

Musical theatre hits the stage in this premiere program at the Kellar Theater at the Candy Factory.  Drama, music and dance come together as students work on an entertaining new musical production.  Participating young actors will showcase their talents with a final performance on Friday, July 21 at 5:30pm.  All students must be available for the final performance.