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Teens & Adults
Feb. 20 - March 26
Thu. 7:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Barbara Brennan
Ballroom Dancing is a wonderful way to socialize, exercise, enjoy music, and learn something new! With practice, we will get to know how to Cha-cha, Foxtrot, Swing and more. For each dance we learn, the first 5 basic steps of that dance are taught.  This class is for singles, couples, beginners or those who need a refresher course.

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Ages 15  - Adult
(5 weeks) Feb. 21– March 20
Fri. 10:30am-12:30pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Explore the beautiful fluidity and transparency of watercolor. Beginners will learn basic tools and techniques; experienced students will explore new methods, materials and styles. Class is offered throughout the year with a different approach presented each session. List of watercolor supplies given upon registration; watercolor paper will be provided by instructor. Course fee includes tuition and $12 paper supply fee.

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SOLD OUT - try Friday Creative Art Studio instead
Ages 7-11
(5 Weeks) Feb. 22 - March 21
Sat. 3:00 – 4:30pm

Instructor:  Lydia Bratton

What are the tools and techniques of cartoon drawing? Join this class and improve your ability to take a rough sketch to a finished cartoon using hand drawing media or digital tablets, as you choose. We will develop a cartoon character-based narrative and create pages of pictures and words to tell a story.  Course Fee includes tuition and supply fee.

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Ages 7-11
(4 Weeks) March 6 - 27
Fridays  6:30-8:30pm

Instructor:  Lydia Bratton

Wish you had more time to make something amazing in the art room? Come indulge design impulses in our Friday night studio art class!  Find plenty of individual instruction and opportunities to try new media and techniques; projects explored may vary with each student's interest. We will draw, paint, sketch, and build dynamic creations. Course fee includes $15.00 supply fee.

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Ages 5 to Adult
Mar. 7 & Mar. 14
Saturdays    12:30pm - 2:15pm

Instructor:  Brandy Ryman

Make beautiful metallic hand-painted tiles.  Learn a technique with the look of traditional baked enamel, but finished without heat using tooling foil and high gloss tempera paint.  The process is simple enough for children, and has potential to intrigue any budding artist.   Instructor Brandy Ryman will provide guidance, motif samples, and all the supplies needed to create your own colorful works of art!  Enrollment limited.  Ages 7 & under must be accompanied by an adult.

Course fee includes $5.00 Supply Fee.

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Ages 5-7
(3 Weeks) Mar. 10-26
Tue. & Thu. 5-6pm

Instructor: John Waldron

Do you provide Mom & Dad with lots of entertainment at home? Then bring your imagination and explore your talents in this adventure into acting! Theatre games and improvisation provide a wealth of new acting skills and self-confidence to budding young actors!

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Ages 8-12
(3 Weeks) Mar. 10-26
Tue. & Thu. 6-7pm

Instructor: John Waldron

Got the acting bug? Acting builds on techniques that young actors can learn and practice. In this class, students will learn many techniques so important to auditioning and developing not only acting skills, but self-confidence. This is the young actor's chance to explore audition basics, warm-up routines, script work, improvisation and much more. Action!

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Age 15 & up
(5 weeks) March 4 - April 1
Wed. 6:30pm-8:00pm

Instructor: Emily Thomson

Interested in improving your skills in creating likenesses and well-drawn faces? We will work from live models as we focus on facial proportions and symmetry and learn the subtle techniques of drawing the details of eyes, nose, and mouth. This portraiture class is suitable for both beginners and experienced drawing students. Please bring your artist sketching pencils and charcoals, and an 18" x 24" drawing pad.

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Ages 15 & up
(4 hours) March 15
Sat. 1pm - 5pm

Instructor: Michele Frantz

Learn to mat and frame art and photos, and save money by doing it yourself. Participants will learn to cut a mat, which tools to use, where to buy supplies, and much more. Bring an image to be matted (size 4 x 6 or 5 x 7), and a frame (size 8 x 10.)

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