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Off the Wall

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2019 Off the Wall Awards

Visual Art:

1st Place: Luke Pham, Still-Life, Osbourn

2nd Place: Mujgan Gadimbayli, Beauty of Nature, Battlefield

3rd Place: Manuel Guerrero Zdeinert, Freedom of Want, Osbourn Park

Honorable Mention:
Annie Chotikul, Owls Under Waterfalls, Colgan
Francesco Feltri, L’arte Di Essere Fragili, Osbourn
Kiara Grover, Skull Still-Life, Colgan
Emily Yates, A Beading Reflection, Colgan

Art & Technology:

1st Place: Hermon Seyoum, Hoarder’s Post, Colgan


1st Place: Abigail Banks, “Fire”, Woodbridge





The colors flash


The searing heat

Threatening to burn

Its movement mesmerizing

 Golden tongues flicking


As a poet’s mind


The grace

The beauty

Mesmerizing all

But hidden lies danger

Danger that can hurt




So life giving


So deadly


It ends

As it began

The glow softens

The flame bows

When once great

Its glory dies

The darkness approaches

Engulfing it whole

Leaving only glowing embers

And a wisp of smoke

To signal its reign

2nd Place: Annie Chotikul, “A Journey of Mind”, Colgan

3rd Place: Ryan Dorjderem “Fractal”, Woodbridge

Honorable Mention:
Natalya Green, “Disaray”, Woodbridge
April Joyce Landicho, “With You”, Woodbridge

Wearable Art:

1st Place: Tahmina Haque, Trash bags, tule, packing wrap, Colgan

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Congratulations to all of the winners of the Off the Wall Annual High School Art Competition!

Thank you to Lockheed Martin for generously sponsoring the exhibition. Following the closing of the exhibit at the Center for the Arts, the student art work will be traveling to Lockheed Martin (Manassas) for the month of February. A separate reception will be held for the students, teachers, and family members.

The judges had their work cut out for them this year - with 40 pieces of art on display containing a variety of media and subject matter, it was a close call. 

Visual Arts Category:

1st Place: Saranne Mendez, Chromatic Portraiture: CrayoLian (2,226 crayons), Woodbridge Senior

2nd Place: Asha Martin, #Black Lives Matter, Colgan

3rd Place: Tam Vu, Sink Fish, Battlefield

Honorable Mention:
Corban Hubler, Creative Brush Studio
Evan Hackler, Battlefield
Imi Cabacungan, Battlefield
Olivia Woolfrey, Brentsville District
Hannah Phillips, Battlefield
Sandra Iveth Rivas Hernandez, Osbourn

2018 marks our 2nd year of incorporating the category of Art & Technology (inspired by our sponsor, Lockheed Martin). The Art & Technology category consists of 3d printed objects/materials. 

1st Place Art & Technology 2018:

RJ Weaver
Partially Exposed (double ring)(jewelry)
Manassas Park High School
Artist Description: This set of jewelry has a central theme of exposed hexagonal patterns that, from its open pattern, suggests a weak connection, but actually provides a strong bond to each side of the piece. The hexagonal patterns have a volume that is 72% less than a solid piece of metal, but have a surface area that is 25% greater. This provides the pieces with a structure that is strong and material efficient, while also revealing what or whom is behind the jewelry. The see-through pattern is contrasted by the solid band of metal that borders the hexagons, providing a solid wall of material that hides what is behind it.

Poetry Category:
1st place: Sa’Raye Wynder-Burs, "Inspiration", Woodbridge Senior 
2nd place: Rebecca Visger, "A Camel Through the Eye of a Needle", Osbourn 
3rd place: Brandon Carter, "Heartbeat", Osbourn 

"Inspiration" by Sa'Raye Wynder-Burs, Woodbridge Senior

Inspiration comes from fog
The corners of our mind
Sleeping dormant until
Awakened by our soul

Contained within your heart
Behind those locked doors
Pouring out the keyholes
And underneath the floors.

Some inspiration appears
From objects in our day;
There’s words, lyrics, poems:
Things that people say.

The painters with their brushes
Their muse giving them sight
Guiding their hands to perfection
Brushstrokes kept so light.

Musicians with their instruments,
Playing those sweet tunes
Fingers leap and fly
Leaving you so soothed.

Written words from a poet
Minds are left rattled, dazed
Open but confused,
Everything leaving a feeling.

There lies a poet’s muse

Poetry Honorable Mention:
Jessica Sebenlaer, Woodbridge
Ryan D'Emidio, Woodbridge

Wearable Art Category:
1st Place: Taylor McClain, CD Hylton, Dress: Paper Plates, Napkins, Duct Tape

Did you opt-in for the traveling exhibition? 

Lockheed Martin Manassas is pleased to invite Off the Wall student participants and their teachers to join us at our site for a reception and tour at the Manassas facility.

Thursday, February 15, 2018
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Lockheed Martin Manassas
9500 Godwin Drive

To register, contact Lynn Fields at lynn.fields@lmco.com or by phone at 703-367-4546 by Friday, February 9.

All attendees need to be registered prior to the event. Please contact Lynn if a student or teacher does not have U.S. citizenship or there are any questions.

Please return the signed photo release form (one per student) by Tuesday, February 13.

The Lockheed Martin employees have enjoyed viewing the wonderful art look forward to meeting the students on February 15!



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Congratulations to our 13th Annual Off the Wall winners! Despite the snow, our reception on Saturday, January 7, was very successful. We had over 200 visitors, including teachers, parents, and students. Thank you to everyone who came out, and a special thank you again to Lockheed Martin for sponsoring the exhibit!

Visual Arts Category:

1st Place: Anne Bray, Red Riding Hood (Corrugated Cardboard), Osbourn High School

2nd Place: Rebecca Miller, Untitled (Pen & Ink Wash), Battlefield High School

3rd Place: Luke Pham, 51 Shades of Grey (Charcoal), Osbourn High School

Visual Arts Winners

Visual Arts Winners

1st Place (Visual Arts), Anne Bray, "Red Riding Hood", Osbourn High School

1st Place (Visual Arts), Anne Bray, "Red Riding Hood", Osbourn High School

Honorable Mention: Emma Beatty, Portrait, Osbourn Park

Alison Poisson, Lookout, Forest Park

Maria Torres Serafin, Narcissus, Osbourn

Justina Ahinakwah, Winter Night, Forest Park

Caroline Doolin, Self-Portrait, Forest Park

Art & Technology:

1st Place: RJ Weaver, Conformism (3D Print), Manassas Park High School

Art & Technology winner, RJ Weaver

Art & Technology winner, RJ Weaver


1st Place: Kaitlyn Graham, "I Love That Her Hair Is Purple", Woodbridge Senior High School

2nd Place: Leah Gaush, "Speak Up, Poet", Woodbridge Senior High School

3rd Place: Annie Chotikul, "Scribbles and Scraps", Charles J. Colgan Senior High School

1st and 2nd Place Poetry Winners

1st and 2nd Place Poetry Winners

Wearable Art:

1st Place: Leon Sunga from Osbourn High School and model, Stephanie Morra

Wearable Art Participants (Leon Sunga, 1st place winner on far right and model, Stephanie Morra)

Wearable Art Participants (From left to right: Jenny Luu (designer), Litzy Paneloza (model), Stephanie Mora (model), and our 1st place winner, Leon Sunga)




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This year the Center for the Arts was fortunate enough to receive over 167 submissions for our Off the Wall exhibit! After carefully narrowing down the list, 41 works were chosen from the local high school area to be a part of our show. Thank you to all that submitted (and the teachers that helped), and congratulations to those who are exhibiting! The submissions this year were astounding, and reducing the number of works proved to be very challenging.

The exhibit will feature various mediums, such as digital photography, computer graphics, pastel, graphite, and even 3-D Printing (just to name a few)!

Additionally, we had some excellent poetry submissions from local high schools. Last but not least, students participating in the Wearable Art category will get a chance to show off their work at the Off the Wall Open House January 7, 2017 from 2 - 4 pm. All awards will be announced at the Open House.

This project has been extended from the Center for the Arts into an exhibition partnership with our sponsor, Lockheed Martin. The exhibit ends on January 20, many of these works of art will travel to the Lockheed Martin Manassas location to be on display through February 28, 2017.

A very special thank you to Lockheed Martin for their continued support of this event.

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